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How well do you know your customers? And your customers’ customers?

Do you want to train your knowledge or your skills? Are you interested in knowledge or in know-how?

Is your website as immersive as your store? E-commerce : showcase or place of interaction?

We are 3F-Lab:


Tech Know Logic

Our Solutions:


Business Virtual Relational Platform

Activate, manage and optimize every single touchpoint

3F-Lab VRPSM allow to activate, manage and optimize every single touchpoint – before, during and after sale – and relative economic data stream, through customized, bidirectional and interactive communications in real time.


Business Solutions in Virtual Reality

Virtual-3D improving professional training

VR4SM marry specialized know-how of every specific sectorial domain to the most advanced technology solutions, allowing a totally immersive and customized methodology for survey and professional training – a support for expertise’s development of different players and stakeholders.

3F-Lab VRPsm:

a unique platform

for relational marketing and predictive profiling

Brand Imagine & Management

Brand Image & Management

Interactive & Multimedia Communication

Interactive & Multimedia Communication

One-to-One Marketing

One-to-One Marketing

Relationship & Loyality Management

Relationship & Loyality Management

New Services & Costs Reduction

New Services & Costs Reduction

3F-Lab VRPSM is a relational marketing platform, based on a neural algorithm, able to learn from analysis of users’ behavioral profile and to predict future behaviors and desires of targets and qualified communities.

DiscoverVRPsm platform :


  • Customized according to every single customer’s needs
  • Resulting from marketing, neuroscience and ICT expertise’s integration
  • Based on an owned neural algorithm
  • Dynamic predictive profiling
  • Projects able to interact with different applications and operating systems assimilating the most advanced solutions

3F-Lab VR4sm:

indagine e formazione

totalmente immersiva e personalizzabile

 Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Consumer Research Lab

Consumer Research Lab







3F-Lab VR4SM is a virtual 3D platform simulating, in every aspect, whatever context for which is relevant studying interactions and decision processes among persons.

VR4sm: from knowledge to know-how


Starting from knowledge of learning mechanism (particularly exploiting mirror neurons’ properties), VR4sm combine knowledge and know-how, in increasing difficulties interaction’s contexts, offering an observation lab and allowing to enjoy a high-value professional training that minimize leave of absence.

VRPsm&VR4sm: two system hoc.

And an array of customized services.

Each platform is composed of a specific offer system, including a core service and an array of optional services selected by the customer on subscription, allowing to extrapolate value from the platform and customize its use over time. Services are related to the following categories :



  • Tecnologies & Networking
  • Communication & Content Management
  • Marketing & Profiling
  • Neuromarketing & Consulting



Contexts in which we build
value for your business



Mall & Outlet


Airport & Rails Station

Public Administration

Destination Management


All things are difficult,
before they are easy.


Thomas Fuller (Gnomologia, 1732)

Innovation, Neuroscience and Marketing

First Forward Future Lab  is an innovative start up born in 2013 and represents the result of different knowledges’ fusion, complementary among themselves, developed respectively in neuroscience, in web, digital and mobile marketing, in 3D technologyand,  for the last 20 years, in creating  complex algorithms that learn and predict decision processes.

Nowadays the company is organized in two divisions:

  • VRP-Virtual Relational Platform, developing interactive platforms for predictive behavior profiling
  • VR-Virtual Reality, developing digital interactive platforms in 3D



Business & Technological

Focus Informatica
Digital Solutions
Business Game & Consulting srl
A-ICE - Aviation Information Communication Engineering

Rewards and


For the second time 3F-Lab won Digital Awards 2018 organized by Abouth Pharma

VR4PharmaLab, the immersive reality solution for the development of laboratory staff skills, which is addressed to industries, hospitals, universities and professional pharmacists, won as the “Best Professional Upgrade and Support project for Pharmacists and Health Workers”


3F-Lab and Aboca Group won Digital Awards 2017 organized by AbouthPharma

The multilingual project PhAN Practice Systemfor professional training of every pharmacists in the Apoteca Naturanetwork in Italy and abroad won as the “Best Professional Upgrade and Support project for Pharmacists and Health Workers”

www.aboutpharma.com | www.apotecanatura.it | www.aboca.com

3F-Lab’s VR4Pharma won Special Innovation Prize

Product expressing a high rate innovation and allowing users to live unconventional learning experiences “.Those beautiful words are the basis for 3F-Lab’s VR4Pharmawinning Innovative Digital Training Special Prizein Formative Product of the Year 2017, powered by ESTEpublisher and Persone&Conoscenzemagazine.

www.runu.it | www.este.it

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